The problem nowadays is no one has any time. This means getting a business noticed; it needs money thrown at it or lots of marketing work.

I’ve written some career advice on improving your prospects from the perspective of a business owner.

The advent of social media it’s enabled anyone to become known and have the opportunity to have a voice globally.

But what about you?

Have you ever thought about how you as a person look like to people? We, as human beings, are very complex and have many different layers in our personalities. It could be our downfall when getting noticed and remembered.

You as  brand

Clarity and consistency, being understandable about who you are. It may help you as a business person if you have many interests. Focus on just a few areas to tone down some of your skills.

Maybe having two social media accounts could help. A recreational one and one that gets yourself known, business-wise.

Branding yourself could be an excellent move by branding yourself as a signature image and a unique voice. You could become a recognizable standard—an established identity, maintaining a personal level of trust and interaction.

1) So, how do you brand yourself?

Before you establish and develop your expertise, you have to build your reputation. You may have many areas of expertise to be a good brand. It will help if you come across as different and unique compared to your competitors. Focus on what you are most proud of and prove that you have bags of experience and energy.

2) Start writing and keep your image consistent.

Build your reputation, make whatever you say to a high standard, and people will become to expect this and value this from you.

Please ensure you consistently present yourself recognizably when it comes to your image.

3) Clean up your act on social media.

Take the time to make your website pages consistent in the image and look. Your posts and updates should be regular, but only post content you want to read yourself.

4)  Network

In the real world, business growth is usually by networking. Social media is the same; you need to engage with other individuals using the ‘@’ sign and anybody else who could be valuable in helping you spread the word about your expertise.

Attending networking events and getting your face known in your community is still as essential but possible since COVID social media is more of a big player in networking.

A personal brand is a way of looking at yourself from the outside and forming an image you would like to portray within your community and online.

Once you start doing this, you will eventually become that person.

I hope this helps you.

Kind Regards