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What wordpress websites skins have I designed?


My career lasted twenty years before becoming a business owner. I was employed fulltime as a graphic designer with coding skills, in internet agencies, advertising agencies and marketing departments. I worked autonomously and within agile teams.

Current live websites in my portfolio:




What am I particularly proud of


Where do I start! Of course, having the chance to work with Microsoft, on a few projects, has to be up there.


I’ve also had the opportunity to design and built an app game and promotional website for Siemens. It was a free game they put on their phones as a freebee.


Lastly, I’ve worked with the ‘Legend of the Barbarians’ and their website. It was designed, by another designer and I created the code.

What type of website does a business need?


Suppose you have never built a website. I recommend starting simple. Creating a small website and getting online is an excellent move (trust me). Once you have done this and had a short learning curve, you will understand the in’s and out’s. Then go into building your extensive website with the knowledge you have learned.

WordPress Websites Skins