What do I choose Wix or WordPress?

There’s a minefield of information when you decide you want a website and it can be convenient, to just go with Wix.


So why would you go through the bother and create a wordpress website alone or create it, with someone like me?


After doing graphic design and website design for twenty years in full-time positions, you realise when someone promises perfection and something quick when it comes to technology – it’s too good to be true!



Here’s why you SHOULD NOT go with Wix and other similar businesses, that offer a low monthly price.


1) When you join these companies that offer a low price every month. It’s just like going with a catalogue company, that sells white goods and furniture on a very cheap monthly tariff. They target people who haven’t got the money to pay upfront, but you end up paying more in the long run.


2) If you are after getting your website showing up on page one of Google. You need to accept the fact; you will have to embrace a small learning curve.


It’s just the way it is, but think of this learning curve as a way to save you time and money!


3) Wix websites will not help you to get to number one Google. Also, Wix website loading speeds are terrible and will cause you issues for your SEO.


4) You will also find once your business is growing and you want to scale up your website with new features. Wix websites won’t let you scale up, and this will become a problem, trust me.


5) Once you spend all your time getting all your content on a Wix website. You are trapped, as there is no way of exporting your content – unlike WordPress.


You also won’t own the files (as in your content) as its kept on their server as hosting area.


If you work with me, I can set you up with a wordpress website on your hosting account. You should always keep your website, on your hosting server, in case of disputes.


6) If you go with Wix and other companies, you will find you spend more time, more effort time and more money,  to achieve the same thing with any self-owned website. WordPress websites will and does win, all day long.


7) Wix tools are very limited in its SEO, with WordPress, they are both free and have premium plugins that can assist you with SEO efforts.


8) With Wix, you are very limited when it comes to flexibility, of adding something complicated, like a sophisticated search tool.


9) Wix’s short learning curve seduces people, but I reckon you will regret taking that route in the long run.


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Wix or WordPress

Wix or WordPress

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