As a small business, you’re probably aware that an online presence is a must, whether you are an individual or for the products and services you sell.

But do you understand why you need to continually pump out amazing content on your website and social media, or are you just doing it because of recommendations?

The whole focus is to become number one on what you do in the ‘virtual world‘. When you create a website and your social media accounts, you aim for them to become the ‘got to’ place for what you know and sell.

So you have a website and spend money on Adwords and newspaper adverts. So why do I need to spend time on content marketing?

If you don’t spend time on the quality of your content, then Google isn’t interested in you, and they mark websites down if you’re not playing by their rules.

We live in a world full of media, and I can honestly say 80% of it is rubbish. Google is sorting through all this rubbish content and only serving the cream of the crop.

To get to the top of Google, Google wants to see a busy website continually getting fine-tuned and cared for and its content updated regularly.

So what I’m saying is, in short. If you want to get to the top of Google, there is no messing around. You need to get going and work on improving your website content, whether on the technical side as Google wants your website secure and structured correctly or, more importantly, having some ‘real’ substance in your writing style.

I’ve areas I’ve mentioned above are like a checklist that Google will score your website with.

You may think making these improvements is a waste of time, but that would be wrong and making a genuine effort will improve your online presence, which will lead your website to page one on Google!

Here are some top areas to get your going:

  • Make sure your website is on a decent server that’s secure and fast
  • Make sure you test your website for speed and correct all the technical errors
  • Make sure you have landing pages for any projects you have done using the keywords of the location
  • Make sure you use your social media platforms and link to your blog pages

I hope this was helpful to read.

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Kind Regards