I’ve written six rules regarding a good logo—simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate & colour.

Your logo is your business’s face, and first impressions count. Here are some tips when it comes to your company logo:

      1. – Simple A simple logo design makes it easy for someone to read and acknowledge what a business sells or provides as a server. We all live hectic lives, and because of this, we have learned to skim over the content we come across. We search for various symbols and words to decide whether it’s worth the effort, to stop and read and acknowledge. A busy-looking design doesn’t suit our lifestyles. It needs to be clear about what it’s selling and bold.
      2. Memorable – A logo design has to stand out from the crowd and evoke an emotion that becomes memorable. Successful brands keep with a brand image if it’s successful for this reason. Changing a logo design all the time will make it fade into the background. Coke-Cola has stood the test of time.
      3. Timeless – To be more of an effective logo, it needs to have that timeless feel. Following what’s fashionable at the moment may work for some brands, but if you want your brand to stay around and endure the ages, it may be unwise to go down the root of fashion. An easy technique is to tweak the font once in a while to keep your logo looking modern and not old-fashioned.
      4. Versatile – Does your chosen logo design work across all mediums and applications? Does it look as good on a mobile phone as on a giant billboard?
      5. Appropriate – Does your Logo suit its intended purpose. Suppose you are working with a business owner who has spent their time researching the markets. A logo may need to look like a competitor because that person intends to attract customers. Working across departments and getting as much advice from all is the best root.
      6. Colour – Do not underestimate the importance of colour. A lot of people are not creative and don’t understand colours. A lot of people are not creative and don’t understand colours. A lot of people are not creative and don’t understand colours. Getting the colour right also depends on the types of customers you are attracting.

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