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How content is used and generated in the western world, needs an overhaul. It also has confused me, for a long time, how when you’re at school. Your peers tell you to concentrate on one particular subject and get very good at it for excellent career prospects.


Never are you given an inclining that that idea is absurd, as you need to get a rounded view on many subjects – surely!


Maybe this is something; they just do at independent schools. It would be interesting to know what they teach at private schools. Are they telling their students how to manage people, and don’t talk much about learning one particular subject at all.


For me, education is more than a means to develop the economy and for people to be pawns or the queens in the game of life.


With this in mind, everyone who wants to have pride in themselves. Needs to have a well-balanced education, and that goes with the entire population, not just a few.


The decisions you make in life will make a difference for you and your society, and those decisions will dramatically change, the more of a rounded education you have.


If people have a broad view of subjects in their education, it stands to reason, their choices in life, are going to more ‘open’ and not insular. It will, therefore, make a better world order – don’t you think?


Here’s a list of subjects, I think, everyone should have the right to learn all over the world – men and women.


1) Art 2) Maths 3) English 4) Languages 5) Natural world 6) Health 7) Politics 8) Spiritual 9) Self-care 10) Sports 11) Relationships


The truth is our schools are just not getting it right and need an overhaul. Without this, people are never going to have, what they long for. Which seems to be more and more, to do with the environment.


The internet may have come into people lives, but it still is not being used to its full potential. It’s getting people to experiment more and more with various ways of communication, such as social media, podcasts, and so forth.


But I feel we haven’t quite cracked it when it comes to conversation with one another and improving how we do this.


Do we have to make everything so complicated? We still seem to be making everything, more and more complex.


When it comes to our governments (red tape) is still there—hundreds of documents, being written, by hundreds of people. Surely we are intelligent enough to think of a way, to simplify things.


Such as using computers to store our thought processes out. Such as, when I programmer, refers to large pieces of code, in storage. Rather than starting from the beginning all the time, you just go to these nuggets of knowledge and start from there.


I think people are finally falling out of love with materialism and want to live in a better world, that’s more mindful of the earth.


It just needs that conscious decision to start doing things, in a less controlling way and think of better world order.





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content and education

content and education

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