Design & Technical Tutoring

Since starting my business, I’ve had requests, whether I do professional tutoring. Although I do not qualify in this area, I’m pretty good at explaining technical and design questions. I cannot provide you with a computer and software. But I have a large meeting room, that is large enough for fifteen people, or we could do one-to-one.

Just phone me or email to book in some dates.

Pricing below:

  • Businesses: £15 per hour
  • Students: £12 per hour.
  • Seniors: £10 per hour.
  • Children £12 per.


Elumin has heaps of passion for technology and design and has bags of experience. I worked for fantastic brands such as Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and much more. I design mostly marketing material, but I’m also skilled in web development.


  • SEO (Advanced)
  • Copywriting (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced)
  • HTML & CSS & JQuery
  • Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate)
  • Newsletter Design & Build (Advanced)
  • Adobe InDesign (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
  • WordPress including backend (Advanced)
  • Flash/Animate (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Premiere (Beginner)
  • Photography (Beginner)
  • Mailshots (Advanced)
  • Trello (Intermediate)
  • Salesforce (Beginner)
  • A small amount of PHP (Beginner)
  • Small amounts of AfterEffects (Beginner)


After completing my Fine Art Bachelors Degree, I became very interested in computer design software and furthered my education in the Adobe Creative Suite. With this and lots of enthusiasm, I was able to get employment at an internet software business as an HTML Developer.

It led to a career (twenty years and counting) encompassing varied roles, across the fields of Graphic Design and Website Development.

During that time, I began to recognise how unique my collection of skills was as most of my colleagues were solely focusing on creating designs and websites. I also harboured an interest in how my work generates leads.

In my last full-time graphic design position, in the global financial business Capify, I started to contemplate starting my own business. I made steps to start Elumin (aka Helen Jones).

Design Technical Tutoring

Design Technical Tutoring