I’ve written this area for people who are limited in time and should be considered ongoing. SEO evolves and changes as Google constantly improves its AI and algorithms.

Internal Links & External Links.

If you have written much copy for websites and made them SEO friendly, keeping your writing quality high and adding Google keywords can be challenging. A little tip is to create a transparent, tiny graphic; you can then use this little graphic to add internal and external links.

Outbound & Inbound Links

You may think you can link your social media pages, which should be fine. But this isn’t an area you should rush, as it can make a big impression on your rankings. Google Algraithyms monitor the websites you interact with and the more status they have, such as how many viewers look at that website in rankings and score you on what they find.

This will be very beneficial if you can afford to advertise on newspaper magazine-type websites. Or contact websites you admire, form a relationship with and ask for backlinks.

Keyphrase Density

If you can mention particular keywords in your copy, do it, but I wouldn’t do it to the detriment of your writing style. There are many other SEO improvements in the background you can concentrate on that will make a more significant difference in your SEO.

Yoast SEO.

Please read the instruction in the SEO analysis area and correct what it asks.

Keyphrase in subheading

Use more keyphrases or synonyms in your H2 and H3 subheadings! Don’t do this if it’s in the decrement of your writing style. You can get a pass concentrating on other areas first. Outbound links: Talking to other businesses and linking your website to these companies is suitable for your SEO, but you can earn money using referral schemes.


Using the many plugins to create an HTML page is very good for the spiders to read your website and help people with sight issues.


I’ve written this area for the technically minded and can put at least a few days to work on this area.


You should keep the page tab and page title when creating your content. Don’t write about a product on the ‘about us page as this is the about us page. After getting specific keywords ranked, think about creating a landing page for that keyword and page name, such as creating a duplicate of your home page but changing the word Manchester to Leicester, for instance.



I cannot repeat how important it is to use a good server and pay for this service. Siteground has CDN and a cloud that makes a massive difference in the speed of your website. The cheaper servers will not have these tools and therefore cannot compete against more prominent players in the industry. YOu are better investing in this area than getting your SEO top-notch first. Follow this link to join – Click Here>>>.


You need to create a DEV version of your website before working with this tool, and once complete, you can transfer it over to your LIVE website. This plugin has a tool where you can switch off the various bits of code your plugins churn out on all your pages. Streamlining your pages will make your websites faster and push you up the Google search engine. – Click here.

It’s an excellent tool for testing your website. If you can at least get your website to B will make a massive difference in where you sit in the google search engine. – Click here.

It’s an excellent tool for testing your website. If you can at least get your website to B will make a massive difference in where you sit in the google search engine.

Freelance Website Designer Atherton
Freelance Website Designer Atherton