This package supports you in getting one massive shift in the right direction with your SEO, such as (possibly) moving your website to an SEO-friendly server, speeding up your website and adding keywords.  Every month, I can provide you with my SEO Skills.

Price: £400* per month.

*You must pay via the Stripe payments system, set up as a rolling subscription. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms and Conditions. T&Cs – Click Here>>


I won’t bore you with the ins and out’s of what you need to do to get your website on page one on Google and other search engines. Let’s say it’s a lot of work! I can guide you in bit size chunks on what you need to do to get your website lean and mean. Unfortunately, we are talking months to get at least a few popular keywords to show up, and we have set this subscription package to help you get started.

Some questions I’m regularly asked:

1) Can you do this service with my website that you didn’t build?

I can do that, but I would have to park the SEO side of things, look at your website, and potentially move it away from your current server to Siteground and IONOS servers. I can explain why if needed.

2) What will happen now regularly?

If I was the person that built your website, the first thing I would start with is improving your content. Unfortunately, the copy quantity  I provide for your website packages isn’t enough for search engines to think it is good to rank.

2) What else will you be doing?

Your website needs to improve the download speed by reducing the code used in your theme and setting up your website to use CDN cloud services for your images.


I will spend two days’ worth of work per month. Where I can do what you like, or take some time to look at the back end of your website and do what I think is needed most significantly.

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SEO Support Manchester

SEO Support Manchester