This package supports you to take the content from your current website and add it to a new themed wordpress website. Or I can provide skin to work with your programmer to implement this into your existing website.

PRICE: £500*

*You must pay a deposit of £250, or you can choose to pay over a six-month period, which is £83.30 per month. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms and Conditions.
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Exporting content from old website to new

I’ve found a lot of the time; it’s more manageable; instead of getting my head around how someone has set up your website, i.e. they can be set up mysteriously. It’s better to export all your information and start a-fresh and completely new.

Working with your current website programmer

Suppose you have spent too much time and money on your website and don’t want to start again. I have experience working with programmers and can give you some pointers on improving the look of your website.

This package gives me some time to talk to your programmer and then write up a document to propose what I would go about improving this design-wise and structural. You can employ me using my hourly rate to work with your team of programmers to get the job done.

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