Sometimes, our hectic lives can get the better of us, and we may have good intentions on how we would like to be perceived – but then slip up with the basics.

So you have been in business for a while, and you know, looking professional is a must, but what happens when people look you up online? You cannot give that professional smile and show that nice clean suit.

Keeping your online presence looking a hundred per cent can be challenging. I would recommend putting aside some time to do a tidy-up at least once a year. Try looking inwards at yourself, think about what people will see when it comes to you online, and amend anything you feel could be improved.

Here are a few starting points to get you started:

1) Go to Google – put your business name into the search bar and see what comes up. You may not have noticed a bad review; someone has written about your business. It could be the reason why clients are not getting back to you. It’s worth having a look and ‘thinking out of the box a bit.

2) Copy Editing – could you improve your copy-editing skills by using some great add-ons, such as Grammarly. Maybe decide that you will not write anything that looks like spam and bring up the level.

3) LinkedIn and CV – It’s one of those things we fill out once and only edit when we’re job hunting, but people see your profile more often than you think. So make sure it’s up-to-date and it’s free of typos.

3) Website –  Do you have one? These are all things people search for in business when gauging whether to go with them or your competitor. Even if it’s just a landing page, it can make you look more reliable and professional.

4) Clients and contacts – maybe go through your contact book and decide to contact all your clients and have a catch-up, even if it’s just for a coffee.

I hope that helps.

Kind Regards