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Why do professionals with freelance coding skills use the PC rather than a Mac?

What I’ve seen while working full-time, if you’re aiming to be a Graphic Designer in an Advertising Agency, you are likely to be using a Mac. If you want to be involved more in freelance work using Coding Skills, you will work on a Windows PC.

But why is it like this?

Basically, a website developer will be aiming to build a website for the largest pool of people.  By choosing a PC, they will be choosing the largest pool of people in the population compared to macintosh owners that are less in comparison. This is mainly down to the fact PCs are cheaper and easier to upgrade.

Various platforms

You may not be aware; when a developer builds a website, it will look different in the wide range of choices we have for browsers, and this also applies to all the different computer platforms available. So when a website developer decides to build a website, they will build it on the most popular browser and the most popular computer platform to provide a service to the biggest pool of people within the population.

What was the project brief as a Graphic Designer at Microdirect?

Employed as a Graphic Designer for a busy IT shop on the high street. I was asked to ‘hit the ground running and create printed advertisements and online digital graphics.

What services did I provide?

  • Revamped design of the logo
  • Internal and external signage improvements
  • Newspaper and magazine adverts continuingly
  • Banners for the business website
  • HTML skills
  • Social media graphics
  • Designer Microdirect