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Why would you hire me as a Flyer or Brochure Designer Altrincham?

There are many different styles when it comes to the types of service I can provide. Maybe one of the below suites your needs:

  • I can provide a template that’s been designed already using the many available free websites. I can then help you when it comes to adding your logo and your personalised content.
  • I can provide some graphic design support and help you develop your own brand image. Using your own design thoughts and for me to help you technically to set your files up correctly.
  • I can provide my very own graphic design and marketing skills. I would suggest starting with some marketing research and finding out who is your ideal demographic.

Freelancers versus Agencies.

I can’t deny it when working within a group of people such as Copywriters, Art Directors, and crazy talented Coders – it produces fantastic results. I also cannot deny that large advertising agencies do some incredible work.

However, they don’t always create top-notch work; many large agencies will outsource their work to smaller design firms because of the volume of work they get.

It can be cheaper to outsource than to hire full-time employees. You could be paying twice or even three times the cost to a design agency for the same standard of work.

Generally, people tend to think a graphic designer takes minutes to develop a beautiful piece of work because they’re highly skilled. That’s not true either, they could be very talented and highly experienced, but if that Graphic Designer is under excessive time pressure – their standards will drop.

Freelancing gives Graphic Designers time and lets Designer work on a project at their own pace. That doesn’t mean they will be expensive either, as most designers will negotiate a fixed rate or discuss a flexible payment scheme.