Why do techies and designers use different computers for their skill sets?

So what I’ve seen while working full-time as a techie and designer. If you aim to work at a design agency, you will likely be working on a Mac. You will most likely be working on a Windows PC. And is you are involved in websites and technology.

The reason for this (I think) is because the PC is cheaper and is easy to upgrade, unlike the Mac, which can handle huge files and is more robust and less likely to break.

So let’s look at some facts:


The main reason Apple has a significant design presence is “tradition.” Apple went all out, inserting their computers into the design school workflow as far back as the late 1980s.

The OS is more robust. That alone means less downtime and more production – and isn’t that really what it’s all about? Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics need I say more.


PC is more about customisation, and it’s cheaper to buy and less expensive to upgrade, while Mac locks everything down and overcharges for the exclusivity.

When creating websites, it’s probably advantageous to see how your site looks on Windows, considering more people are using the PC versus Mac.

Programmers generally choose a PC as they tend to have the most software choice.

What are the benefits:


The ability to upgrade, and customise hardware to specific needs, is the main attraction for them. Windows PCs provide lots of flexibility and customisation with both hardware and software.


You’re a motion graphic designer that uses apple motion and final cut pro in addition to your adobe applications. Macs offer a straightforward approach to computing with fewer maintenance tasks. Macs have fewer viruses and security issues.

What are the downsides?


They tend to be easy to break when their not looked after, with regular defragging, virus sweeps and looking after what the files are doing in the back-end.


If you want a cheap Mac and be able to upgrade it yourself, you won’t be able to

So what shall I choose, a PC or a Mac?

It all depends on whether you are looking to get a career in this design industry, mainly doing branding work.

I’ve been a marketing designer that’s had involvement in websites and coding throughout my career. For a traditional graphic designer, this isn’t the norm.

The PC is better when creating graphics and code for the internet and when you are a designer in more techie software businesses.

So the question becomes where you position yourself as a student or employee.

If you are all about money and making a living, I would advise keeping both platforms close to you and getting experience with them. Until something else is invented that wipes the floor of them both.

I hope that helps you guys.

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