Website Package package 2

Price: £400*

Deposit: £150*(This will be taken out of the above price)

Hosting: £1 – £9- per month*

Terms & Conditions

What do I get with this package?

What you will receive is a well designed, beautifully laid out website that works for SEO. You can log in to the backend at any time of the day to amend your content and images. It will also be very secure and will not be easy for hackers to enter the back-end. I provide the service of WordPress Websites, Manchester.

Sorry, I’ve mentioned this before, but I need you to understand: This price is for a simple design in layout. I don’t accept other people designs. If you would like something more bespoke, we would need to look at my hourly rate on top of the price above.

What’s needed from you to get started?

You need to provide me with as much content about your business as possible in a Microsoft Word Document or OpenSource.

This package does not provide the service of writing the content for you – unfortunately. If you would like me to help you with the writing, I can provide you with a quote for this service using my hourly rate.

I would suggest you join my monthly retainer scheme for ongoing SEO work and work on your content, as quality is key to being successful with SEO and getting your website on page 1 of Google.

Understand the process:

I’ve written a quick explanation of how this package works. I like to provide this for my customers, as there are times when I cannot pick up my phone and will be working on the computer.

1) Once I have received your deposit, we will write a small brief together and aim to sign this off between us.

2) I will create a generic logo for this package unless you provide one for me. Alternatively, we can discuss using one of my other packages: ‘simple logo package’ or ‘deluxe logo package’ – catchy hay!

3) You will need to have bought your domain and hosting space and provide me with the user name and passwords.

4) I will create a wordpress website design using the software Adobe Photoshop. We will work on this design until you are one hundred per cent happy with how it looks and feels.

5) As well as the deposit at the beginning that you will pay.  I will then ask for a second payment before I begin the development.

6) We will then move over to the development side of things. You need to understand; once this has started, you cannot change the chosen design – unless you agree, you will be charged extra.

7) Once your website is on the internet and ‘Live’.  I can then spend one FREE hour showing you the back-end and answering any technical questions.

8) I would recommend you join my monthly or quarter retainer scheme. WordPress websites need to be looked after regularly; they also need ongoing work to be effective in their SEO.

Project management

For organisation reasons, I like to use the website Trello and hope my clients will embrace it. Professionally, I think its the future when it comes to project management. WordPress Websites Manchester

Here’s my page: .


When buying a website package from me, you need to understand that a WordPress website needs constant maintenance, and I will be asking about you joining a monthly retainer scheme tailored to your budget.

An hour will be to update and tidy up your website from errors, and the other hours can be to either teach you the ropes to work on your website yourself and do graphics. Or for me to work on your website for you and help you with your SEO, Website Speed and Marketing Ideas.

Websites from my portfolio are below:

Past projects from my portfolio:

WordPress Websites Manchester
WordPress Websites Manchester


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