Blogging, Social Media & SEO Package

Price: £150*

Deposit: £100* (Taken from the above price)

Terms & Conditions


Businesses today realise that a connection with their customers is of the utmost importance and that blogging and social media is how your customers interact with your business.

What do you get with this package?

You have the opportunity to create this package and tailor it for your needs.

Here are some suggestions on what could happen within the restraints of this package price.

  1. I could design some creative postcards for your social media about your services and products.
  2. I could help you create an animation or video that explains your business in a fun and attractive way.
  3. I can support you with your blog by writing some informative and interesting articles that are SEO friendly.
  4. Provide help to find some appealing royalty-free images to add to your blog pages
  5. Create an informative infographic that can be shared all over your marketing mix.

Here are some suggestions on what I could do for you on a quarterly or monthly basis:

  1.  Devise campaigns around the seasons or on particular products you want to sell.
  2. Develop a blog at the end of your wordpress website.
  3. Help you buy some quality photography to enhance your website.
  4. Make your website ready to make an income from Adsense.
  5. Get involved in affiliate marketing.
  6. Devise exciting content for your social media that directs them to your website.
  7. Improve your website content and make it SEO friendly.
  8. I strongly advise you to keep topping up your social media and blogging, as it’s a very fast-paced area that needs constant maintenance.

Project management

For organisation reasons, I like to use the website Trello and hope my clients will embrace it. Professionally, I think it’s the future when it comes to project management.

Here’s my page: .


I provide a monthly retainer scheme and quarterly scheme to help with your ongoing marketing needs. I’m happy to tailor this to your budget and would recommend doing four hours per month.

Past projects from my portfolio:

Finance Marketing Designer
Capify Finance 5
Finance Marketing Designer


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.

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