CostMad Packaging

What makes the right product image?

Here are five rules when it comes to a successful brand image—Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Colour.

  1. Simple –  A simple design makes it easier for a viewer to recognise
  2. Memorable – A practical design should be memorable, looking at what the successful companies are doing is a good starting point as they would have spent a lot of time creating their designs.
  3. Timeless – Effective packaging designs need to be timeless – that is, it will endure the ages. Fashions come and go, but elegance stays.
  4. Versatile – Scalability is something you need to think about as you will see your product and its packaging all over the place such as the internet, billboards to apps on mobile phones. It needs to be able to work small or large.
  5. Colour – Do not underestimate colour in your design. It has to have an attractive colour. The colour also needs to be able to print well and look good online.

package designer

What was the project brief?


CostMad, a wholesaler in the Greater Manchester area, is a business that sells, various items online through eBay and Amazon. I worked as a full-time employee as a graphic design and supported them in creating attractive packaging for their products.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get much guidance when it came to how to design this packaging. So looked further afield for inspiration and carefully crafted a brand image ‘similar’ to the Tesco’s brand without completely copying them as this could cause copyright problems.


Tesco’s brand, undermarks, other brands and has a strong customer base. Their products are always at a high standard and are reliable, and this is what I was aiming for when creating a brand image for CostMad.

What software did you use?


I created the following package designs in the software Adobe Illustrator. It’s a good idea to create your packaging as a vector graphic. Once you send these files to the printers. They will need to expand, the design, and rearrange it, to fit their stencils.