Using the software Indesign and Illustrator, I’ve been allowed to create packaging designs. Some were just prototypes, and some went on sale on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

digital marketing teaching altrincham
digital marketing teaching altrincham
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digital marketing teaching altrincham

What services do I provide?

Whether I use an existing brand image or help you create one together, I'm happy to develop various packaging designs using a template from the printer supplies or manufacturer. Unless told otherwise, I will use Adobe Illustrator software and appreciate a written brief, so we don't have any confusion.

What makes an excellent brand image?

Here are five rules for a successful brand image: simple, Memorable, Timeless, and versatile.

  • Simple –  A simple design makes it easier for a viewer to recognise
  • Memorable – A practical design should be striking. Looking at what successful companies are doing is a good starting point, as they would have spent a lot of time creating their designs.
  • Timeless – Effective packaging designs that will endure the ages need to be timeless. Fashions come and go, but elegance stays.
  • Versatile – You need to consider Scalability as you will see your product and its packaging everywhere, such as on the internet, on billboards, and mobile phone apps. It needs to be able to work small or large.
  • Colour – Do not underestimate colour in your design. It has to have an attractive colour. The colour also needs to be able to print well and look good online.

My clients

My motto is more is less. My clients are people experimenting with various markets and focusing on the 'Designer' luxury end of the market. I like to take some time off the design work and sketch the time out a little more than many designers do in businesses. The more time I have, the more simple and iconic the brand image will look good next to big high street brands.