Deluxe Responsive Email
Newsletter Package

Price: £50*

Deposit: £30* (Taken from the above price)

Terms & Conditions

What do I get with this package?


An important thing a business owner should do is build a database of customer email addresses. Due to their reliability to get directly to your potential customers.


Because of this, you need to present your emails as professional as possible. With this package, I can take care of all your email newsletter needs. 

What do I provide with this package?


  • An eye-popping newsletter design. Using lorem ipsum text or your content
  • I’m also ready to support you if needed when it comes to sending out your creation.
  • You will not have to worry about the technical side of things either. As it will have had a test – making sure it works on mobile phones and various platforms.
  • I will provide royalty-free images, or I can help you source good photography.

Content creation


Suppose you’re maybe after something more than just this and want support with writing your content and possibly need hand-drawn illustrations. I would suggest we have a chat, to provide you with a quote, or take me using my hourly rate, as an extra service.

What should I send over to you?


Provide me with a sketch of the layout of the newsletter design. If you have something already in our head


If you have a brand image already, please send over a branding document or your marketing material and logo



I provide a monthly retainer scheme and quarterly scheme to help with your ongoing marketing needs. I’m happy to tailor this to your budget and would recommend doing four hours per month.

Past projects from my portfolio:

Deluxe Responsive Email Newsletter Package 15
Deluxe Responsive Email Newsletter Package 16
Deluxe Responsive Email Newsletter Package 17

Some suggestions


  • If you join my monthly retained scheme, I would be happy to create an informative sales and marketing-driven content
  • I can provide landing pages for an extra cost that are located at the end of your wordpress website
  • or a separate showreel website to compliment your newsletter.


newsletter designer

Project management


For organisation reasons, I like to use the website Trello and hope my clients will embrace it as I think its the future when it comes to project management. It really would be good to get this set up between ourselves.


Here’s my page .


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.

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