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Price: £300*

Deposit: £150* ((Taken from the above price)

Terms & Conditions

What do I get with my package?


Consultation is a large part of this package and discussing what you’re aiming to achieve.

What sort of things would you suggest?



You have the opportunity to create this package and tailor it for your needs. Here are some suggestions on what could happen within the restraints of the package price.


  • Suppose you have spent some time attracting new customers via your social media accounts. Maybe I could help you study, why certain people are clicking on your posts and create content that appeals to them specifically.


  • A vital part of modern marketing is customer service management. I can help you when it comes to communicating on your social media with appealing content and landing pages on your website.


  • You may find you are getting lots of traffic on specific landing pages on your website but not getting any results. I can help you improve these pages and make them more appealing.


  • Have you done a campaign lately? If you plan and get a campaign right, you will reap the awards.


  • I provide the means to entice your customers into signing up to your website to receive your monthly newsletter. I can help with your social media, website and blogging pages. With creatively laid out pages that are a pleasure to read.


  • Maybe your content and style of writing need to be improved.


  • Maybe some hand-drawn diagrams would explain something complicated in a better way

Project management


For organisation reasons, I like to use the website Trello and hope my clients will embrace it. Professionally, I think its the future when it comes to project management. It would be constructive if we could set this up between ourselves.


Here’s my page https://trello.com/helen325/ .



I provide a monthly retainer scheme and quarterly scheme to help with your ongoing marketing needs. I’m happy to tailor this to your budget and would recommend doing four hours per month.

Current live websites in my portfolio:


Past projects from my portfolio:

Promo Package 12
Capify Finance 3

new customers


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.

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