Murals, Signage & Exhibition Stands

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How did you become a murals designer?


In my career, that has lasted twenty years. I’ve had the fantastic chance of creating interior design elements, signage, murals and exhibition stands.

What services did I provide for these projects?

  • The creation of beautifully laid out text
  • Working with the third party printers
  • Project managing when needed to get the projects out on time

What can I bring to your team?


You will find a fast-paced designer, that can create high-quality products. I like to focus on what the project objective is, and aim to get this done, but also create beautiful and attractive designs.


I will use ‘lorum ipsum’ text unless you provide me with your content. I can also, use the various free photography platforms, to help you choose your imagery.


For an extra fee; I can support you when it comes to creating content, whether that’s copywriting of drawing illustrations.


Once your project is complete, I will provide you with all your adobe creative suite files.

What do I provide to my clients?


I have a proactive work style that likes to support and inspire. When working within a team or autonomously, I aim to leverage all my projects to the highest of quality.


I will always compare my work to my client’s competitors and aim to be that little bit better in everything I do.

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