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Full payment is needed before I will start this project.

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What do I provide with this package?


I want to highlight the benefits of spreading your time out when it comes to designing logos. Take a step back and gather your thoughts – it does produce better results!


Understand the process:


I’ve written a quick explanation of how this package works as I may not be able to pick up the phone.


1) We will start with a chat via email, phone or WhatsApp. So I get a good understanding of what you want in your logo.


2) I will then provide you with some rough-looking pencil sketch ideas.


3) I will then ask for some feedback and aim to get two logo designs chosen, even if they are rough in style.


4) We will then start to look at colours and move over to creating the logos, in the software Adobe Illustrator.


5) We will be aiming to get one logo chosen out of the ideas we have so far.


6). Your final logo is now ready to create as a high res digital file and low res file. They can be used all over the place, from giant billboards to the internet.


7) You need to understand; you cannot get a refund, at the end of this process if you decide you do not like the result.

Project management


For organisation reasons, I like to use the website Trello and hope my clients will embrace it. Professionally, I think its the future when it comes to project management. It would be constructive if we could set this up between ourselves.


Here’s my page .



I provide a monthly retainer scheme and quarterly scheme to help with your ongoing marketing needs. I’m happy to tailor this to your budget and would recommend doing four hours per month.

Past projects from my portfolio:

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First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.

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