This package allows you to understand your brand and why your customers are coming to you. We can work together to tailor your brand image to suit your market; whether that’s corporate or niche, we can thrash out lots of ideas and come out with something you are proud to own.

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Price: £420*

*You must pay a deposit of £200, or you can choose to pay over a six-month period, which is £70.00 per month. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms & Conditions. T&Cs – Click Here>>

What you get with this package

This package allows you to get under the skin of your brand image; it’s not just about a logo. It also forms an idea of what font to use, colours, photography and graphics. To be professional, you must keep your image clear and mentioned on all your marketing collateral.

I can help you form a branding document that you can provide to employers and freelancers. It can make your business look different from competitors and attract new customers and contacts.

Top tip:

I want to highlight the benefits of spreading your time out when designing logos. Take a step back and gather your thoughts as it does produce better results!

Understanding the process:

I’ve written a quick explanation of how this package works. I like to provide this for my customers, as sometimes I cannot pick up my phone and will be working on the computer.

1) I will chat with you via email, WhatsApp or phone; you can then send over any ideas you may have.

2) I will provide you with as many rough-looking pencil sketches as possible!

3) Once you have chosen three logo ideas from all the drawn logos I provide. I will then move onto the computer and draw your selected logos as professional vector graphics.

4) I will then ask for your feedback and aim for us ‘to work together and get some confirmation on whether you are happy with the ideas we have so far.

5) You will then need to choose one logo.

6) I will create your final logo, a high-resolution digital file for large billboards and small res files for the internet.

7) You need to understand you cannot get a refund at the end of this process.

Past projects from my portfolio:

large logos3 1
large logos