The days of having a tired, slow and limping website that no one wants to look at, let alone spend their money with, are over. If you think people don’t use them as people are on social media. Then your not using social media; as you soon realise, a website is integral to the business marketing mix. Many social media posts will be diverted to the website to let the reader view longer posts and buy products.

As the evolution of the internet has progressed, so has the way people consume information; if you think of social media as a browsing platform like a magazine. The website is the book about the subject, and the browser will bookmark what they want to learn more about in the future.

With that in mind, not only does your website have to work well in SEO to capture potential customers through search engines. Your website also needs to have content of a high substance. That is thought-provoking and practical that will teach potential customers and existing customers.

Your website needs to be a functional website with landing pages that will attract your business’s niche clients. It’s essential to keep abreast with what is going on in your country/community/globally to stand out from all the tedious content your competitors may be creating. It would be best if you were thinking about changing your homepage to attract people to particular campaigns throughout the year.

Gone are the days when you employ someone to do a website, create content like a brochure, and sit there with no extra work happening.

The types of additional work that should be happening are the following:

    • -content improvements
    • -technical improvements
    • -SEO improvements
    • -Blogging Content
    • -landing pages coming from posts through your social media.

The above points will be looked at positively when Google is scoring your website. Google has specific markers it’s looking for when deciding where to place your website on its pages.

Suppose you want Elumin to give your website the once over and provide you with a quote on what needs to make your website keep up with today’s times and fashions. Just email me to sort out a time to chat.

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