While working full-time, I was allowed to create Murals, Signage and Exhibition stands.

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What services do I provide?

After being employed in various Marketing Departments while working full-time, I was allowed to design multiple Interior Design elements to push the company’s brand image and advertise its services on giant billboards and exhibition stands.

Exhibition Stands

Creating an exhibition stand for your various business fairs can easily convey what you sell and your services. The presence of the exhibition stand will elevate your appearance to professionalism and have a successful air for you and your business.

Wall Murals

Creating murals inside your office can create an impressive presence for potential employees and customers. Successful people are looking for successful businesses, so you must make your office look unforgettable.


Creating signage can be complicated as you need to go to the actual location and measure up before coming up with anything. To what the signage would look like, the institute is a handy way of pushing things forward and can be done quickly enough by using Adobe Photoshop. Making signage for outside or inside your premises can make you look a better option to your competitors. It’s all about the ‘kerb appeal and the minor detail that can be yay or nay in choosing you or a competitor. Do not forget the small details as they are everything in a competitive business world.