Microdirect IT Shop

MicroDirect IT shop 1

What services did I provide?


  • Revamped design of the logo
  • Internal and external signage improvements
  • Newspaper and magazine adverts on a continuing basis
  • Banners for the business website
  • HTML skills
  • Social media graphics

What was the project brief?


A busy IT shop on the high street but also a successful online provider of all things technical. MicroDirect required a graphic designer that could hit the ground running. In traditional print and for the digital world. 

Why do techies and designers use different computers?


What I’ve seen while working full-time, if you are aiming to work at a design agency, you are likely to be using a Mac. If you want to be involved in website and technology, you will have a Windows PC.


The reason for this is because the PC is cheaper and are easy to upgrade, unlike the Mac. But the Mac can handle huge files, which a graphic designer will come across for large printing projects, such as billboards.

html skills

html skills