I’m here to help budding businesses – I hope it helps!


1) When you are thinking of a business name for your logo. Think ‘the shorter, the better. My experience has shown that making the word quicker always makes the logo look more modern.



2) If it’s not an actual word, this is a bonus. As you won’t be competing for that word in the search engines



3) Start researching styles online, collect things you like the look of and don’t forget who you are trying to appeal to.



4) Your competitors could be investing a lot of time and money in marketing research and answering those critical questions. The more time you spend on your business plan, the better your logo will be.



5) Sketch your logo ideas as many as you want. Then choose three to five that you like. You will then move on to the computer. Great tip: If you number them, you can discuss them with friends via email or mobile.

6) So here comes the techie bit. When using computer software, you will choose to create vector graphics or raster graphics. Logos always need to be made as a vector.



7) now comes your test in patience & perseverance. Seriously? Does this logo idea have potential? Could you send it to friends for their opinion? Don’t rush your decision – take your time.



8) If it’s no, would it do for the time being? And maybe try this process again.


design logo tutorial


9) Maybe compare your logo to your competitors. Does it stand out next to them without looking cheap and mediocre?



10) If yes, maybe step back on your project and think like a customer. Remember, your customers will be rushing around a lot of the time, looking for a business. They probably have a lot of adverts coming up from companies like yours. Does your logo help explain what you do and stand out from the crowd?


Design logo tutorial


11) Now, you’re happy with your logo. Try placing it on mockups of where it will sit, such as your website on a mobile phone. Also, spend some time choosing various colours. There are many online discussions about colour theories that may be worth reading.


Design logo tutorial


12) Remember, when you design a logo, you compete against companies that have employed a designer who has spent many years getting their design ideas fine-tuned. The more time you spend on your logo, the better you can get it. Designer businesses don’t rush it either.


Design logo tutorial


13) I hope this helped you; please subscribe to this page, as I will be adding lots of other good techie design related videos in the future. Bye!