I’m not going to lie to you; it’s complicated, as you will be working with business people judged by their bosses and who they employ.

After twenty years in full-time designer roles, in various departments, without a graphic design degree.  I would say it’s worth getting a degree!

It gives your managers and directors the confidence they need to successfully get on with their jobs.  Without any doubts coming up about your skills.

In a way, I was lucky, as when I became a graphic and website designer, there weren’t any degrees.  So, I managed to find employment with a fine arts degree and bags of enthusiasm.

I’m guessing; it would be much more complicated now as you would be competing against people with degrees.


Since I came into the design world from a peculiar angle, I was on the PC desktop computer rather than a Macintosh.  I was always going to have to work that little bit harder.  To keep my career adrift and to get the opportunities I desired.

I realised I was different compared to other graphic designers who had degrees.  My first design role was using the PC, which meant I was involved in web design.  Most graphic designers start on the Mac and do print work mainly.

The PC isn’t taught at universities when it comes to anything design related.  It’s always the Macintosh.  I enjoy working on the PC, which means I can get employment in many different sectors.


I’ve found that many companies will employ a graphic designer working within all of their departments.

These types of roles won’t get your creative juices flowing, but if you’re interested in the business –  It’s a pretty exciting role!

But without a degree, you will always be fighting a challenging battle.  The competition is immense, and your life will be harder without one.

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