This package concentrates on your website structure, SEO, social media and advertisements. You can be involved very closely or let me handle what I think is needed to get you, new customers, through the door.


(or I can tailor this to your budget)

*You must pay upfront via the Stripe payments system, set up as a rolling subscription. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms and Conditions. T&Cs. Click Here>

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The type of work I suggest  we work on:

  • Teach you how to maintain your website and add new pages etc.
  • Work on your website speed to get it on page one of Google
  • Create graphics and marketing collateral to work with your website, i.e. flyers, brochures & exhibition stands
  • Work together to improve your website’s written content.
  • Improve the tools on your website, such as adding a booking system.
  • Adding a project/case studies area is excellent for SEO, and having on unique page per project with the location is top-notch.


I won’t bore you with the ins and out’s of what you need to do to get your website on page one on Google and other search engines. Let’s say it’s a lot of work! I can guide you in bit-size chunks on what you need to do to get your website lean and mean. Unfortunately, we are talking months to get at least a few popular keywords to show up, and we have set this subscription package to help you get started.


As you can imagine, this is an anonymous job, and because of this will approach it where we have little budget unless told otherwise.

I will provide your social media accounts with some substance content, such as humour, statistics and news about your business—not forgetting advertisements for your business.

We can also discuss writing some articles that can be added to your website blog and linked to your social media accounts.


The type of things I will do for you:

  • I could write an excellent article with a substantial amount of words
  • or possibly do four shorter articles to get your blog more active. I can also source a freelance copywriter that understands your sector.
  • Tidy up your WordPress blog area and improve the SEO, structure, and design layout.
  • I can involve your social media account.
  • I can contact magazines, newspapers and other websites and submit your articles with backlinks.
  • I have research skills where I can read up on a particular subject and make the level of your articles knowledgable.
  • I will make any website article SEO friendly and concentrate on popular keywords.

Other Suggestions:

  • Devise campaigns around the seasons or particular products you want to sell.
  • Help you buy some quality photography to enhance your website.
  • Make your website ready to make an income from Adsense.
  • Get involved in affiliate marketing.
  • Spend a discussed budget on online advertisements and for me to provide quality reporting on this to you.