When applying for work, employers will naturally want to see what you look like online. You could stand out from the crowd by improving what they come across. To warn you this is the first time I’m embarking on this – this is why it’s so cheap!


  • Full course price is £110 per person.
  • Starts 2nd November 2020
  • For beginners with minimal technical skills
  • Looking to have seven people per session on Zoom
  • Two hours long per session
  • I will provide a PDF booklet as a reference.
  • Twice a week for four weeks.
  • It will help if you use your computer and software
  • Please look at my websites, to get to know me:   |


To warn you this is the first time I’m embarking on teaching courses – this is why it’s so cheap!


FIRST WEEK (2 days)


I will put some time aside, for you guys to look at the content of this course. If anyone wants to change its content by adding things or deleting, this is fine. We will be discussing this as a group and amend the plan if needed.


  • Set up yourself on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Utube tube
  • Learn how to create a graphic for the top of your accounts using Canva
  • Set up a free google my business account and explore all the free tools they supply
  • Set up a small website page about yourself using Google
  • Move online more by thinking about using the dropbox (savings area) on Google. Its excepted from a lot of office-based jobs these days
  • Work on getting information about you on these platforms
  • Working as a team to pluck out what skills you have, that you think are vital in attracting employees
  • Start working on getting this content added to all these portals and getting feedback from each other.
  • Look at the software buffer that pushes out content for you onto your social media platforms.
  • Talking about hashtags and certain ways of gets people to respond and interact with you online.


SECOND WEEK (2 days)


  • Learn about influencers on social media and online and how they attract attention to themselves.
  • Look at yourself as an influencer and someone that attracts attention because of your skills and knowledge.
  • Work on doing Adobe Spark and creating nuggets of wisdom that people may like to learn about and add to your youtube page and your small website
  • Learn about SEO and how this works and how you could get your small website noticed in Googles search engine.
  • We will discuss as a group that we are now working in a global market. People are competing against other people in other cities all over the world.
  • From what we discover in this discussion, how can this be implemented in your CV and online presence?
  • Think about getting some professional photography and maybe help each other to do this.
  • Getting your information noticed my using the various platforms that make fancy videos and graphics for you.


THIRD WEEK (2 days)



All profitable businesses and individuals know that what you want in an ideal world. Is getting people to come to you rather than you going to them. With this in mind, you want to keep improving your image whenever possible when it comes to being online. Here I can give you some ideas that you can do once you leave this course.


  • Think about making your website bigger. I will discuss the options and the in’s and out’s
  • Start adding your details to all the various recruitment websites and directories, you find online.
  • Think about getting a blog set up on the end of your website and getting keywords added into your website. A recruiter or business may be looking for someone to employ and will be adding various keywords into Google.
  • Brainstorm within a group thinking of unique ways of getting your business skills online.
  • Start using Google analytics to learn what is causing people to interact with your posts.
  • There are many online shop stores; this will be talked about and the ins and outs.


FOURTH WEEK (2 days)


The plan for these two days has not to be thought about yet. We will be discussed as a group how this time will be used and vote for various areas you guys would like some support to get this done in the two days you have left.

To warn you this is the first time I’m embarking on teaching courses – this is why it’s so cheap!



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Please email me if this course is of interest to you.


Once I have a certain amount of heads who want to join.


I will be setting this up via Zoom and arrange a date that works for us all.


Kind Regards


e: [email protected]

m: 07876 500 968

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