This package provides a 6-page WordPress website that you can for yourself login into the website to edit and update the content when need be. I will also give your website a big push in the right direction with its SEO to make your website a serious player in the SEO world.

Price: £500*

*You must pay a deposit of £300, or you can choose to pay over a six-month period, which is £83.33 per month. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms and Conditions. T&Cs – Click Here>>

What you get

  1. I will provide an informative, attractive six-page WordPress website.
  2. I will create a design that is professional and corporate looking unless I’m told otherwise and given some samples of what you have in mind. It will get signed off before I proceed to the build.
  3. You need to explain clearly to me if you’re after a particular design. It may require you to join another package first. That’s called Logo & Branding. To get this one pinned down before creating your website. Click here for more info>>

What I need from you:

  1. You need to provide me with a sitemap explaining the structure of your website.
  2. Before paying your deposit, you must give a branding document and design ideas.
  3. Before paying the deposit, you must provide me with any content or photos.
  4. You need to set up a server account with I will not work with any other service companies. We will need to chat about this, and I can help you sort it out.
  5. You need to give me access to any marketing collateral that works for you. The more I understand you, the better your result will be.

What I will be doing on my end:


  1. I will do my utmost to provide your website pages as attractive as possible. That will be easy for you to edit yourself.
  2. I will write copy/content that will be attractive to read and be SEO-friendly with one keyword added.
  3. I will provide free versions of the many available plugins that rank well in SEO. You will have the opportunity to buy the pro version of these plugins.
  4. You will receive royalty-free images that are okay to use for SME businesses. You have the opportunity to use commercial photos or higher a professional photographer.
  5. Make sure your website is secure from cyber attackers.
  6. Speed up the website by blocking code that is not required and reducing image download size.


  • Server & Hosting at £140 per annum
  • WordPress Theme at £60 annually


(From my portfolio):

freelancer website designer manchester
freelancer website designer manchester