Hello, I’m Helen, the online face behind Elumin – a one-woman Freelance Website Designer Trafford in the Greater Manchester Area. Freelance Website Designer Trafford

I have many ‘hats‘ and own the following titles: Web Designer, WordPress  Developer, Graphic Designer, IT Manager, Creative Director, Administrator and Digital Marketer. I also use Woo-Commerce for the e-commerce side of things, and if need be, I can code too.

My background was working for twenty years in full-time positions as a Graphic Designer and Developer, working with Marketers and Directors.


If business thinking has shifted, so too has the nature of business itself, where once its locality constrained a firm, today, the opportunities are truly global.

However, globalisation means that the industry is more competitive than ever, and to make things even more competitive, we now have COVID-19.

Subsequently, to survive, your business has to have a professional image that’s 100% perfect.


Freelance Website Designer Trafford

Elumin (Freelance Website Designer Trafford) understands Marketing, Design and Technology, a fantastic knowledge source.

I know it’s all about your target audience and where they reside; getting this right means you will reap the rewards.

To conclude, I can provide your business with quality content, professionally Branded Design, Administration Management and exceptional Technical Skills.

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Freelance Website Designer Trafford
Freelance Website Designer Trafford


  • – Small business entrepreneurs.
  • – Startups.
  • – One-person bands.
  • – Freelancers.
  • – Side hustlers.
  • – Corporate escapees.
  • – B2B & B2C companies.
  • – Corporates.
  • – Dreamers


Practical and constructive advice on small and large projects. My skills include:

  • – Graphic design, branding, illustration & logo design.
  • – WordPress themes & woo-commerce websites.
  • – Drive your website to page one in Google.
  • – Content creation and copywriting.
  • – Workshops & teaching.
  • – Social media-driven campaigns.


  • – No agency vibes.
  • – Work directly with me.
  • – 20 yrs of experience, I have a well-rounded view.
  • – No large overheads.
  • – I only take on a small handful of projects and provide my undivided attention.
  • – My approach is to care about your results.
  • – To keep your costs down, I can manage other freelancers.