The following websites are the most recent website projects that I’ve worked on and are currently Live. Which means they are accessible on the World Wide Web.

Freelance Website Design Manchester
Freelance Website Design Manchester

Websites from my portfolio:

Top Fit Windows


Home Cinema & Home Entertainment

one automation square

Health Food Shop


Elluse Studio & Shop

elluse studio

What services do I provide?

I use the popular WordPress framework and have partnered with some successful programming businesses. That provides robust plugins and themes tested on many computer platforms and streamlined to make them successful in SEO.

  • WordPress Aveda Theme
  • Plugins
  • Dropshipshipping
  • Shopify
  • Database streamlining
  • Branding & graphic design
  • SEO (I can get you to number one in Google)
  • Copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • JQuery
  • Data entry

Who are my clients?

An ideal client is a business willing to invest in its online position as an SME. I provide the stepping stone to improving your business’s online presence.

Using the most popular marketing portals, such as:

  • Page one of Google and other popular search engines
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
digital marketing teaching altrincham

Why choose me

I’m not a programmer but what I am is a person that has been in the Web, Design and Marketing industry for twenty-five years. I have professional skills in using the P.C and exceptional skills in various computer software that are all industry standard tools.

I can provide a middle stepping stone in providing your business with professional, tangible, and tangible goods for your marketing needs, such as websites, SEO work, copywriting, Branded adverts, Brochures and much more.

With Elumin, you do not have to fully embrace the massive costs you will acquire when working with an agency and, in particular, pay a programmer’s wage. Elumin is a one-stop-shop’ that supports small businesses using the computer and keeping your brand image 100% professional. Not forgetting the essential factor of getting found on the world wide web.

digital marketing teaching altrincham

For techie types and website savvy people.

Elumin doesn’t provide the service of accepting credit cards and works in partnership with Shopify. Suppose you choose to work with me and want to add products and accept credit cards. I will add a ‘button‘ from the Shopify portal to the ‘products’ area of WordPress. When it comes to excepting the credit card on your website will be diverted to a Shopify landing page. By doing this, I can keep my costs down, and I suggest you choose this option if you are a new business and trying out new ideas in your branding and marketing. My view is my service is a fast way to test a market and try new ideas without spending significant time and budget. Also, if you have a limited budget, you may want to lower your expectations of what you can afford as money equals perfection – unfortunately. Try me. I have been in this industry for a long time.

digital marketing teaching altrincham