I have learned some valuable tips while becoming a successful freelancer and business support person. You may wonder why I would give away this type of advice to my competitors. I guess it’s because I believe in Karma and don’t worry too much about what my competitors are doing as I don’t think it’s good for your mental health.

1) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have other money-making schemes going on while you concentrate on your primary business.

2) Don’t lower your prices just to become busy. You want to charge what you think you are worth and stick to that going rate. If you are not active enough, spend your free time finding clients that will pay what you ask.

3) If you need cash to pay the bills as your freelance work doesn’t get enough people willing to pay what you ask for, get another job; don’t fall into lowering your wage. Don’t forget you will be competing globally with people in the third world from freelance platforms online.

4) You need to brand yourself as high-end quality. If you have certificates, good qualifications, and years of experience, shout about these areas to get noticed in a competitive marketplace.

5) Put packages on your website with a description of what you will provide and the price. You need to be upfront and honest and provide a structure for your service. Being organised will attract people to want to work with you. Don’t forget you are a brand, and what approach you take will become something people admire and respect.

6) Post regularly on your website and social media as this shows people you are a serious business person that won’t let people down and is available five days a week.

7) Always ask your clients and potential clients for feedback and testimonials. It’s an area a customer will be looking for, as they are looking for someone who will not let them down when it comes to time, quality and skills.