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What did I do in these projects?


The following designs I created autonomously.  I found the businesses, I was working for hadn’t spent any time on their brand image and didn’t provide me with any brand guidelines. These pieces were not just design work. I was helping them carve out a brand image, that could be used all over their marketing mix.

What do I need from you to get started?


I’ve found, knowing who your competitors are, is an excellent place to start, when thinking about your brand image. As a designer, I can then get an idea about the target audience and what appeals to them.

Freelancers versus Agencies.


I can’t deny it, working within a group of people, such as copywriters, art directors, crazy talented coders, produces fantastic results. I also cannot deny, that large advertising agencies, do some incredible work.


However, they don’t always create top-notch work. A lot of large agencies, will outsource their work, to smaller design firms. Because of the volume of work they get, or to make a more significant profit.


It can be cheaper, to outsource than to hire full-time employees. So you can be paying twice, or even three times, the cost of freelancer, for the same standard of work.


Also, generally, people tend to think a graphic designer takes minutes, to come up, with a beautiful piece of work. Because they’re highly skilled, that’s not always true either. You have to be talented, and highly experienced, but it’s also a lot to do, with having the ‘time’ to get the project done.


Freelancing gives designers, time, and lets a designer, work on a project at their own pace. That doesn’t mean, they will be expensive either. As most designers, will negotiate a fixed rate, or discuss a flexible payment scheme.  To suit their customer’s needs.


flyer designer manchester

flyer designer manchester