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Relationship marketing has been around since the 1990s. This type of marketing is tough to use as a science, as recording what the expenditure versus how much it brings back in revenue. Is tough for an accountant to justify.


Some marketers look at it as an art, which I agree with, to a point. I have an art degree and can see; you are carving out a brand image, gradually and thoughtfully – which is a skill.


Why use social media


If you understand this, you will, surely appreciate the need for social media in ‘certain’ companies in their marketing mix. Relationship marketing and social media are both on the same page. Strangely, they both emerged at the same time.


Relationship marketing defined


Relationship marketing defined from Adaptel from Paynecteral, 1995.

  • Orientation to customer retention.
  • Continuous customer contact.
  • Focus on customer value.
  • Long time scale.
  • High emphasis on customer service.
  • High commitment to customers expectations.
  • Quality is a concern for all staff.


Mitchell (2001, p33) also defined it well, shown below:


“Relationship theory suggests that relationships add quality to marketing transactions.”


Seeing the positives


Social media and any online activities are the perfect tools for relationship marketing experiments as you have an ideal audience to try and learn what makes them tick.


So how does a business fully make use of the tools in has available right now?


Possibly one way of tackling things is to weigh up your options. When it comes to risks, you’re prepared to take. Maybe choose a specific time of year, when you have a high increase in interest from premium customers online.


Aim to start a relationship with your audience and possibly bring in quizzes, competitions and free booklets. You can then see what makes them tick and provokes interested. You may learn what makes them tick, such as are they very family-focused or influenced on the TV?


Exchanging values and beliefs


Traditional markets are compelling, but they also have huge limitations. Real human exchange is much richer than market exchange.


Whenever people deal with people in ‘relationships’ or communities (rather than markets), they not only exchange money for goods. They also tend to form affections, bonds, ties of loyalty, feelings of obligation and so on.


They begin to share, and exchange values and are most in tune with those around them tend to form the stronger most supportive bonds with other people.


The benefit of using social media is its a great platform to experiment with ideas, without having to spend a lot of time or money. You can try a particular style of writing and see how much response it gets. You can quickly learn about your audience.  If an idea has potential you can then elaborate from that point and be more creative.


Investing in your content and marketing retention may cost but when you look at the cost of writing up a business plan and extra costs of market research. It doesn’t seem that much when you think about it.






I hope this was a thoughtful piece. I hope to add another blog entry very soon.


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Kind Regards


Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing

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The consumer of content and education Mon, 24 Aug 2020 16:36:17 +0000 The post The consumer of content and education appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.




How content is used and generated in the western world, needs an overhaul. It also has confused me, for a long time, how when you’re at school. Your peers tell you to concentrate on one particular subject and get very good at it for excellent career prospects.


Never are you given an inclining that that idea is absurd, as you need to get a rounded view on many subjects – surely!


Maybe this is something; they just do at independent schools. It would be interesting to know what they teach at private schools. Are they telling their students how to manage people, and don’t talk much about learning one particular subject at all.


For me, education is more than a means to develop the economy and for people to be pawns or the queens in the game of life.


With this in mind, everyone who wants to have pride in themselves. Needs to have a well-balanced education, and that goes with the entire population, not just a few.


The decisions you make in life will make a difference for you and your society, and those decisions will dramatically change, the more of a rounded education you have.


If people have a broad view of subjects in their education, it stands to reason, their choices in life, are going to more ‘open’ and not insular. It will, therefore, make a better world order – don’t you think?


Here’s a list of subjects, I think, everyone should have the right to learn all over the world – men and women.


1) Art 2) Maths 3) English 4) Languages 5) Natural world 6) Health 7) Politics 8) Spiritual 9) Self-care 10) Sports 11) Relationships


The truth is our schools are just not getting it right and need an overhaul. Without this, people are never going to have, what they long for. Which seems to be more and more, to do with the environment.


The internet may have come into people lives, but it still is not being used to its full potential. It’s getting people to experiment more and more with various ways of communication, such as social media, podcasts, and so forth.


But I feel we haven’t quite cracked it when it comes to conversation with one another and improving how we do this.


Do we have to make everything so complicated? We still seem to be making everything, more and more complex.


When it comes to our governments (red tape) is still there—hundreds of documents, being written, by hundreds of people. Surely we are intelligent enough to think of a way, to simplify things.


Such as using computers to store our thought processes out. Such as, when I programmer, refers to large pieces of code, in storage. Rather than starting from the beginning all the time, you just go to these nuggets of knowledge and start from there.


I think people are finally falling out of love with materialism and want to live in a better world, that’s more mindful of the earth.


It just needs that conscious decision to start doing things, in a less controlling way and think of better world order.





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Kind Regards


content and education

content and education

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How to design a logo tutorial Fri, 15 May 2020 13:52:48 +0000 The post How to design a logo tutorial appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


I’m here to help budding businesses – I hope it helps!


1) When your thinking of a business name for your logo. Think ‘the shorter, the better’. My experience has shown, making the word shorter, always makes the logo look more modern.



2) If it’s not an actual word, this is a bonus. As you won’t be competing for that word in the search engines



3) Start researching styles online and collect things that you like the look of and don’t forget who your trying to appeal too.



4) Your competitors could be investing a lot of time and money on marketing research and answering those critical questions. The more time you spend on your business plan, the better your logo will be.



5) Sketch your logo ideas as many as you want. Then choose three to five that you like. You will then move onto the computer. Great tip: If you number them, you can discuss with friends via email or mobile.

6) So here comes the techie bit. When using computer software, you will have the choice of creating vector graphics or raster graphics. For logos, they always need to be created as a vector.



7) Now, comes your test in patience & perseverance. Seriously? Does this logo idea have potential? Could you send it to friends for their opinion? Don’t rush your decision – take your time.



8) If it’s no, would it do, for the time being? And maybe try this process again.


design logo tutorial


9) Maybe compare your logo to your competitors. Does it stand out next to them, without looking cheap and mediocre?



10) If it’s yes, maybe step back on your project and think like a customer. Remember a lot of the time your customers will be rushing around, looking for a business. They probably have a lot of adverts coming up, from companies like yours. Does your logo help to explain what you do and stand out from the crowd?


Design logo tutorial


11) Now, you’re happy with your logo. Try placing it on mockups, of where it will sit, such as your website on a mobile phone. Also, spend some time choosing various colours. There are many discussions online about colour theories that may be worth a read.


Design logo tutorial


12) Remember, when you do design a logo, you are competing against companies who have employed a designer, who has spent many years getting their design ideas fine-tuned. The more time you spend on your logo, the better you can get it. Designer businesses don’t rush it either.


Design logo tutorial


13) I hoped this helped you, please subscribe to this page, as I will be adding lots of other useful techie design related videos going forward. Bye!

Design logo tutorial

Design logo tutorial

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What to expect, when entering the world of branding. Tue, 12 May 2020 12:29:58 +0000 The post What to expect, when entering the world of branding. appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


Have you realised your business’s voice is getting drowned out in the world of branding – around other businesses, which are similar to yours?


But you don’t want to niche, and the only choice you can think of is to improve your approach. Maybe you need to enhance your brand image, that includes your image visually and also professionally.



What can I expect when I start to improve my brand?


1) Expect to market yourself and your brand at least one day a week or if you can full-time. The more you spend time on it, the better your brand will become.



2) Expect to be continually tweaking and fine-tuning your website and marketing collateral regularly to improve your message.



3) Don’t expect to get it right the first time; you need to understand who you are trying to attract and what will appeal to them before you can get your brand bang on. As you business matures and grows so will your brand image.



4) Keep your graphic design and content at a high standard, as you will look unsuccessful and struggling otherwise



5) Expect this to be an ongoing area of your business, and it should be up there with your sales, accounts and networking.





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Kind Regards


world of branding

world of branding

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Useful resources for designers, marketers & wordpress website users Wed, 01 Apr 2020 07:43:05 +0000 The post Useful resources for designers, marketers & wordpress website users appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


What should I do to improve my online business presence? Here are some useful resources:


I’ve compiled a list of things you could do – I’ve tried to think out of the box a bit and think about things, a small business may not have considered.


Perhaps compile a checklist of ten things, that you think is essential to improve.


Then compile another list of ten things that are more in-depth jobs.





1) What does my brand look like online now?


Spend some time looking for your business in search engines and social media. Try and look at your business, from the outside and see if anything is letting your company down.



2) What are some quick fixes that I can do now?








3) What are the big jobs I should add to my priority list?



1) Testing for errors on your website


Did you know websites render differently on different platforms? Yes, unfortunately, a website, not built correctly. Can look different on different people computers.


I recommend testing your website with the following companies:





2) Have your thought about where your website resides ‘as in your server’ or your ‘hosting’.


Did you know your service provider has a massive impact on the speed of your website and can affect how high you rank in Google?


Also, with a slow server, this can affect the speed when working in the backend of your website.

Have you noticed when you press the save button, it takes forever? That’s because you have a slow server?


Maybe you joined some server space because you were looking for the cheapest place to get a domain. You’re probably paying less money in exchange for server problems.


I recommend moving over to the company Siteground.  It will take some time to set up, but you won’t regret it.











4) What can I do to improve my brand image quickly?


Spending some time thinking about your customers and who they are, and tailor your brand image to appeal to them. If your customers are senior, maybe getting your website working for people with poor sight, would be a good move. Or if they are very young,  getting involved with the new app  Tik Tok would help.





  • Or maybe you can see something inspiring looking at my sister business that is more creative than elumin –





5) What are the big jobs that may be worth doing to improve your brand?


1) Book Design Platform


Maybe creating a book, would help boost your brand image, and step into the tangible world. This website gives you all the tools to do this yourself!



2) Webinar platforms and podcasts.


If you look at the apps for podcasts such as Ted talks. You will see this is where all the business social influencers reside.



3) Choosing your business name


Are you thinking about creating your business name? Here’s some excellent advice that may help you:










6) What can I do quickly to help my wordpress website, get found in search engines more?


Spend some time using the many plugins that are around. This can reduce the size of your pictures and streamline your code. Here’s a list of the plugins that have worked for me


        • Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster
        • Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite
        • HTML Page Sitemap
        • W3 Total Cache
        • WP Visual Sitemap







7) What are the big jobs, that will improve my website and found in search engines?


I would suggest getting your website set up with:


  • SSL certificate
  • Set up CDN platform for your images and get your pages to swop to the new images formats, that are popular,  called jpeg2000 and webf
  • Use the Yoast SEO plugin and improve your keywords and content structure 
  • Spend some time adding your website to other people websites either by asking for an article to be written about you.







8) What resources can help me, with timescales, and getting jobs done quickly?


1) Trello –  lets you work more collaboratively, and get more done.


Its boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize, prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.


2) WeeTransfer – sending large files and won’t break email


Instead of sending large files, via email. That cause issues. This little tool is free and easy to use and fast to do.



3) – Royalty-Free Images


Rather than spending all your resources, taking photos and drawing various images. Why not use the free websites that provide images for free.



4) Marvel


Are you having trouble getting ideas out of people, who do not know, how to use design software? Some clients want a hands-on approach when designing their websites or apps. This tool is excellent for a team, to discuss ideas and what could work for you.


5) Video


This website has some stunning video that could make your social media banners pop.


  • We offer free stock videos, motion graphics, music and sound effects which I thought could be useful free resources for your readers. There is no need to login to download clips and all the content is safe for










9) Is there any resources out there, I should know about and why?


1) Made for event creators


From festivals, conventions, pop-up dinners and photography classes. Eventbrite can help build your event and has all the tool to expand your network.



2) How can I improve my content on a social media platform?


Kapwing is excellent support when it comes to creating images, videos, and GIFs for your social media platforms.



2) QR codes


They are easy to create and can be added to your business cards & products—a great way of getting your customers online with you.







I hope that help you guys.


Please join my newsletter for ongoing tip bits.


Kind Regards








useful resources

useful resources

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What do I choose Wix or WordPress? Wed, 18 Mar 2020 17:53:23 +0000 The post What do I choose Wix or WordPress? appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


There’s a minefield of information when you decide you want a website and it can be convenient, to just go with Wix.


So why would you go through the bother and create a wordpress website alone or create it, with someone like me?


After doing graphic design and website design for twenty years in full-time positions, you realise when someone promises perfection and something quick when it comes to technology – it’s too good to be true!



Here’s why you SHOULD NOT go with Wix and other similar businesses, that offer a low monthly price.


1) When you join these companies that offer a low price every month. It’s just like going with a catalogue company, that sells white goods and furniture on a very cheap monthly tariff. They target people who haven’t got the money to pay upfront, but you end up paying more in the long run.


2) If you are after getting your website showing up on page one of Google. You need to accept the fact; you will have to embrace a small learning curve.


It’s just the way it is, but think of this learning curve as a way to save you time and money!


3) Wix websites will not help you to get to number one Google. Also, Wix website loading speeds are terrible and will cause you issues for your SEO.


4) You will also find once your business is growing and you want to scale up your website with new features. Wix websites won’t let you scale up, and this will become a problem, trust me.


5) Once you spend all your time getting all your content on a Wix website. You are trapped, as there is no way of exporting your content – unlike WordPress.


You also won’t own the files (as in your content) as its kept on their server as hosting area.


If you work with me, I can set you up with a wordpress website on your hosting account. You should always keep your website, on your hosting server, in case of disputes.


6) If you go with Wix and other companies, you will find you spend more time, more effort time and more money,  to achieve the same thing with any self-owned website. WordPress websites will and does win, all day long.


7) Wix tools are very limited in its SEO, with WordPress, they are both free and have premium plugins that can assist you with SEO efforts.


8) With Wix, you are very limited when it comes to flexibility, of adding something complicated, like a sophisticated search tool.


9) Wix’s short learning curve seduces people, but I reckon you will regret taking that route in the long run.


Hope this helps
Kind Regards

Wix or WordPress

Wix or WordPress

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Do you need some cheap graphics software? Tue, 10 Mar 2020 11:53:07 +0000 The post Do you need some cheap graphics software? appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


Here’s a list of free cheap graphics software I’ve found:



  • Gimp – Used a lot by programmers, as an excellent way to cut up images for the internet and has a straightforward navigation system. Click here>>>


  • Pic Monkey – This is very similar to Gimp and may be suitable as an alternative if you cannot use Gimp. It also has templates sizes for all the social media platforms and is easy to use.  Click here>>>


  • Gravit –  is useful if you want to do graphics on the fly, such as on your phone, and can not download the software too. You do it all online, and the free version is excellent. Click here>>>


Hope this helps you guys. If you know any others send me an email, and I will add it to this page. I hope it helps you with your cheap graphics software needs.


Kind Regards





I consider myself a pretty versatile person and understand; not everyone’s the same. Over the past twenty years in graphic design and front end developer roles. I’ve come across many types of managers.


Some have agile managed me, and others have trusted me to just get on with it. I can accommodate happily with both styles of project management – but I must warn you!


Suppose you’re thinking of using my packages that are available on this website. I will have to take hold of the project management. It’s because, I’ve ‘taken a punt’, on how long I think, it will take me—and priced them accordingly. If this doesn’t appeal to you – I would suggest you work with me on my hourly rate.

cheap graphics software

cheap graphics software

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My background without an education and succeeding in a career Tue, 25 Feb 2020 14:45:41 +0000 The post My background without an education and succeeding in a career appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.




My career has always been a battle. I came out of education with seriously bad grades and can hold my hands up and say I did well!


With the background, I had, many would have got involved in the dark side of the world such as crime, drugs and prostitution. My formative years were living in Toxteth in the inner city of Liverpool. Where crimes were something, everyone did, and there was a lot of fighting as it was the 80s when the Toxteth riots were in full steam. I remember people calling the police the pigs.


We, as a family, kept a low profile and went to the small church in the area, but my parents had problems, a lot of them.


I had the perfect opportunity to get into crime and drugs from a young age. If I ended up going that way, it would have been because of peer pressure. Peer pressure never goes away, even when you get older either. I think that’s why I like living in the city, as you get less of it.


I’ve always been good at not listening to people and questioning what is being said to me. I have a very strong mind and know what I want in life and go for it.

My parents kept repeating, I was thick and never helped me in my education. This is possibly why I’m the way I am, as when you have so many people bashing you down. The only way up is to reach for the stars.


It was a belief in myself that got me where I am today.  It annoys me when you come across people with a good education and they think they did it all on their own. But when you start talking to them, you find out their parents have lots of money, and they hire baby sitters, cleaner, tutors and so forth. So you did it all on you own, did you?


People from poverty, don’t have many choices in life. As in, what they can do, and the types of people they can have as friends.


When you come across beautiful, well educated and confident people. They tend to be the ones with money. A person like me, with my type of background, can not hang around with those types of people. That’s what I thought but I do now!


Me as, a professional


I hold my head up with pride, as out of zero odds. I have held down degree level jobs and have had the confidence to create my professional work to a high standard.


When an employer or client takes me on, they know, I can get the job done. I won’t come across as a player or princess in any way.


I just get my head down and meet deadlines. I also, pride myself with my honesty.  I have had this since my youth from going to church, I guess. It had its uses even if it did bore me to death!


Having an amazing education has its positives when you’re talking to another employee or management, but sometimes it means a person can be too comfortable in their position.


When someone is in a comfortable, they won’t take risks. On the other hand, someone like me is more ‘comfortable’ to take risks. As I’ve taken risks all my life, and that’s what has got me where I am.



Anyway, this is an unusual post, as it’s a little more personal than usual.

So don’t think this is all about me because it isn’t.


I’m mainly about business and making results.


Please join my monthly newsletter for lots of tips and tricks to help you in your business.


Kind Regards


education and succeeding

education and succeeding

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SEO tips that you may not know. Wed, 29 Jan 2020 10:05:43 +0000 The post SEO tips that you may not know. appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


I always like to talk to business owners, as if they have a certain amount of intelligence.

I’m betting, you have read up about keywords, and joined Google’s free business page. But have you done that deep plunge, and got into SEO intensely? Have you started to think like a pro in SEO?



I’ve written some SEO tips, that you may not have thought about, that may just help you:

1) When you put your business search keywords into Google, to check where your business is?

Did you know. Google uses Artificial intelligence to locate where you are based and then gives you a result that’s related to your location.

Because of this, it isn’t accurate when you want to research what your customers see when a keyword goes into a search engine.

What do I do to get a correct idea where I am?

If you have Google business page, then you have a Google account.

Now login into your Google account and go to the settings and the tab ‘locations’.

I’ve shown you what you’re looking on the image below.


Your browser may ask to switch this feature back on, but you need to say ‘no’ to this, at all times, in the future.



2) Another useful tip that may help you when researching what pages of your website are in the Google search engine. In other words, have passed the criteria that Google asks for a page.

Again, go to your Google account shown below. There is an icon called ‘webmaster tool’ or ‘Google search console’. You need to add all the variations of your website such as HTTP, HTTP and WWW.


Then leave it for a few days, as Google will then send spiders to mooch around your website and will give you some useful feedback about how many people are coming to your website and if any errors are causing problems. It will show you the correct way of finding where you are in Google.


3) Quality backlinks.

You may have heard about putting links to your website on other website platforms and the fact you get brownie points from Google when it comes to your rankings.

If Google likes what you are doing, you will get pushed up Google. The more reputable the company your backlink website resides, the better you’re scored by Google. Such as having a link on the or that’s top dollar! But obviously, this will cost you money.


So what do I do, if I cannot afford this?

You could start looking at your competitors and find out where they are advertising and copy them.


If you have noticed then sort out websites that are supporting your niche and try and get an article mentioned on their blog.

4) How do I fixing the errors that are shown in Google console and speeding up my website:

I recommend the following resources:

      • Plugin: 404 to 301 – Redirect, Log and Notify 404 Errors

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Kind Regards

Helen Jones

SEO tips

SEO tips

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Some tips to get more customers (leads) Fri, 15 Nov 2019 13:27:09 +0000 The post Some tips to get more customers (leads) appeared first on Freelance Graphic Designer Altrincham Manchester.


So how do I get new customers, without spending massive amounts of money? Good Tips Leads.




I’ve written a few tips leads. The ideas have worked for my clients and me as a freelancer:


  • Engage with your customers on Google business page. A free business profile page that connects you to your customers – click here for more information.
  • Use videos on social media it can cause excellent traction.


  • Use backlinks: Use Google’s free tools for this, snoop and copy where your competitors are advertising.: Click here.


  • Use rotational banner such as – that means your banners go all over the place (apps, websites) rather than spending a fortune on printed adverts –click here.


  • Get a friend as an admin person on your Facebook business page; they can then invite all their friends to your page – winner!


  • Get customers to come to you – By being that perfect brand that people want to use.


  • Make sure you make your website as useful as possible for a busy person, such as contact forms on every page and excellent content.


  • Asking for consumer advice by using the following free tool by Google – click here.


  • Start using social media management tools to post for you on set times and days.


  • Think ahead and plan, for certain times of the season that get busy and create adverts to promote your goods such as Christmas. You could make an individual landing page for this season and then push on FB.







I hope that helps you guys get more tips leads.


How about joining my monthly newsletter


Kind Regards



tips leads

tips leads

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