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What’s the typical cost of a Flyer?

This question will come into mind, to anyone who runs a business or is a freelance graphic designer.


Well, my answer is ‘it all depends on what you want to pay!’


I’ve written some points, that may help you, going forward with your project:


1) Don’t pay anything


You can get templates that you can easily download and print – that are free. If you look at the software Adobe Powerpoint or Photoshop, they tend to provide free templates you can use.


You can also search Google and find various low-budget alternatives; you can use for free. But I must warn, if you buy cheap, the quality will be missing.


2) Why does it matter, having a good design?


It may not; if you’re all about getting your message out. Then I would suggest not spending much money, on your flyer design, and spending the money on getting it printed and delivered.


3) So when is it essential, to spend the time and money, on a flyer?



It’s when you’re in a competitive market, and you need to look like a better offer.


A well-branded flyer, with a professional logo, which is consistent with your website, stationery, and other marketing collateral. Makes you look like a business that’s reliable, professional and established.


4) Think of it from the side of your customer


They want a company or service, that’s not going to let them down. Who keeps to dates, times and is not going to let you down.


The following is a list of what a typical customer will be thinking:



  • Have they got customer reviews?
  • What partners do they have?
  • What projects have they done before?
  • How long have they been around?


All of these pointers will get people to contact you.





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cost of a Flyer

cost of a Flyer

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