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Elumin, aka Helen, has heaps of passion for Website Design Manchester and graphic design. I have worked with fantastic brands such as Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola, and many more within my career. I can provide a wide range of skills from design, development, and marketing; I pride myself on getting the job done without outsourcing specific jobs. Website Design Manchester

Daria Pietrzyk
Daria Pietrzyk
Helen is an experienced woman with the brilliant ideas! She is well organized and always listens to her clients. I recommend her!
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey
Helen was very helpful and understanding of what was required. She explained things in a easy to understand manner. Cost for website was very competitive. I would recommend Helen.
David Billington
David Billington
“I can thoroughly recommend Helen Jones of Elumin. Very competitive price-wise, very knowledgeable and as well as trustworthy very pleasant to work with. Helen was excellent with me on explaining the web site design, how it worked and why it was best for me after she had listened to what i wanted. I am not too savvy with technology so i was grateful for her patience. She is now digitally training me on all aspects of business online. Finally, I also like how she always sets the training discussion agenda, trains me and then evaluates and confirms our conclusions afterwards. Nicely wraps it all up. ”
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Helen is a talented digital designer and is passionate about Wordpress, Marketing & Design.
David Primrose
David Primrose
Helen has been spending the past couple of months working as a Marketing Assistant for my company Perky Tail Toys Ltd. In this role, she has been responsible for writing SEO blog posts for our website with a view to increasing our online visibility and increasing brand awareness. During this time I have come to know Helen as a competent and professional SEO specialist with a talent for writing and sound knowledge of search engines. Helen has been an invaluable member of our team and I hope to be working with her long into the future.
Anu Verma
Anu Verma
Super impressed with Helen’s designs, she is a true and inspiring artist and i would recommend anybody looking for a talented and innovative designer for their business needs
florina borsan
florina borsan
Excellent, Helen is just amazing.


I’m a versatile person and understand that not everybody is the same; I’ve experienced many project management styles in graphic design and front-end development roles over the past twenty-five years.  But I must warn you! If you’re using my available packages on this website, I will have to take hold of the project management side of things; this is why I can provide a competitive price. If this doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest you work with me on my hourly rate.


After completing my Fine Art Bachelors Degree, I became very interested in computer design software and furthered my education in the Adobe Creative Suite. With this and lots of enthusiasm, I was able to get employment at an internet software business as an HTML Developer.

It led to a career (twenty years and counting) encompassing varied roles across the fields of Graphic Design and Website Development.

During that time, I recognised how unique my collection of skills was as most of my colleagues were solely focusing on creating designs and websites. I also harboured an interest in how my work generates leads.

In my last full-time graphic design position in the global financial business Capify, I started to contemplate starting my own business. I made steps to start Elumin (aka Helen Jones).


    • SEO (Advanced)
    • Copywriting (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced)
    • HTML & CSS (Advanced)
    • Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate)
    • Newsletter Design & Build (Advanced)
    • Adobe InDesign (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
    • WordPress (Advanced)
    • Adobe Animate (Intermediate)
    • Adobe Premiere (Beginner)
    • Photography (Beginner)
  • Trello (Intermediate)
  • Salesforce (Beginner)
  • PHP (Beginner)
  • Adobe After Effects (Beginner)
  • Woo Commerce plugin (e-commerce)
  • Printful.com (drop shipping)


Dates Attended: August 2014 – February 2016.

Position: Full-time Graphic Designer.

Employer: Capify, UK.

Description: I was an enthusiastic designer, responsible for rolling out its new global brand and creating its logo. Also proven to produce leads with quality design work and hand-coding.

Date Attended: March 2013 – Aug 2014.

Position: Full-time Role as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer/Marketer/UX Designer.

Employer: JBD Distributors.

Description: Package Designing.

Date Attended: January 2013 – March 2013.

Position: Full-time Role.

Employer: Decor Group.

Title: Brand Manager.

Description: I generated marketing and design concepts.

Title: Freelance Projects.

Description: I am using the Adobe Creative Suite and coding.

Date Attended: June 2005 – July 2006.

Date Attended: 2008 – 2012. Title: Lead Web Designer.

Company Name: MX Data Full-time.


I am involved in working effectively with the manager and clients. When needed, negotiate and agree on the brand identity while hand-coding CSS/XHTML.

Main projects are undertaken, including:

Bentley – PDA/Mobile game (Released on Motorola phones).

RAC – PDA/Mobile icons (Released on Motorola phones).

World Cup Planner Website – Comment from Siemens saying they were “very, very impressed” by the football game. He used the words “blown away”!

This CV goes back twenty years. If you would like to view the whole CV, please contact me, and I can send it over.


Course Title: How to become a more effective and confident net-worker. Dates Attended: March 2017. Course Duration: One day. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017 Course. Duration: One day. Course Title: Market Research, Masterclass. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017. Course Duration: One day Course. Title: Sales Masterclass. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Dates Attended: January 2017. Course Duration: One day. Course Title: Branding. Location: Business Growth Hub, Manchester.

Title: Advanced Word Press. Course Duration: Two days Course. Dates Attended: November 2014. Location: MadLab Manchester.

Course Duration: Ten days. Course Title: Designing Relational Databases using SQL. Dates Attended: May 2003 – July 2003. Location: University of Salford.

Dates Attended: November 2000. Course Duration: Five days. Course Title: Real-Time 3D Modelling with 3DS Max. Location: University of Salford.

Dates Attended: October 2000 – October 2000. Course Duration: 5 Evenings. Course Title: Intermediate Javascript. Location: IDEA Centre, University of Manchester.

Course Title: Multimedia and Design. Course Duration: Twice a week. Dates Attended: September 1997 – December 1997. Location: CDSTfe Economic Development, College Diploma, 36 Slater Street, Liverpool.

Dates Attended: April 1997 – May 1997. Course Duration: Twice a week. Course Title: Internet skills training. Location: University of Liverpool.


Date: Sept 1993 -May 1996.

Course Title: Fine Art- BA Hons Degree.

Location: Liverpool John Moores University.

Date: Sept 1990 -March 1993.

Course Title: BTEC National Diploma, General and Design.

Course Title: G.C.S.E. Ceramics.

Location: North East Worcestershire College.

Date: Sept 1987 -March 1999.

Course Title: G.C.S.E. English, Maths and Art.

Location: North East Worcestershire School.

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