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Top Tools to Help you in your Freelancing

In the past, freelance work was reserved for individuals who were between jobs with the likelihood of eventually going back into full-time employment. Today, this has changed into a lifestyle choice that people make for various reasons.

One of the most common reasons people choose to freelance is the desire for freedom.

  • The freedom to work from wherever and whenever
  • The freedom to choose their clients
  • The freedom to follow their passion

But, freelancing is not all roses. Like any other business where you are the sole owner, freelance means you’ll have to take care of your own finances, find your own clients, and manage your time wisely. Luckily the marketplace is full of high-powered tools that help freelancers to be more efficient at their work. Let’s look at some of the must-have tools for freelancers


The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is that no one is there to supervise you. But, this can also be a downside as it’s likely to lead to procrastination. These productivity tools should help you stay on track.


Trello is one of the simplest and easiest tools that freelancers can utilize to manage their projects. And guess what? It’s absolutely free!

This online collaboration tool is organized by cards, boards, and lists. You can attach images, files, and much more to each card and also add the people you want to collaborate with. Note that any change that you make will appear in real-time.


If you are really not a fan of project management, this is the tool you should be looking for. Bonsai has everything you need to put your project management on autopilot. This tool will make you feel like you have a real assistant. When your client accepts your proposal, Bonsai forwards the contract. And, after they sign the contract, Bonsai will be here to track every move and send invoices.

Time-Tracking Tools

Since most freelancing gigs are paid according to the number of hours worked, it makes sense that time-tracking tools are super important to freelancers. Here are some of the time-tracking tools that come highly recommended.


Toggl is one of the simplest time-trackers that you can use to get things done. It is a perfect tool for freelancers, teams, and creatives who are looking to manage their time well. This web-based tracking tool is specially designed to track your hourly work. So, if you are someone who charges by the hour or you just want to know how long it takes to finish a certain task, then Toggle is the tool for you.


This passive time-tracker is a must-have for both freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. Chrometa captures your time automatically as you work.

This app has a key-word feature that allows you to set emails, phone numbers, and phrases so that it can “teach” it (Chrometa) how to generate your daily timesheets. This means you only have to perform some quick and easy cleanup and annotations and you’ll be ready with an error-free timesheet-every single day.

Security: VPN

While working remotely may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, it does come with several risks, including those associated with online security and privacy. The good news is that there are tools you can use to protect yourself, the most crucial one being a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN can encrypt your data, keeping it safe from intrusive eyes.

As a bonus, you can unblock sites with a VPN and access geo-blocked or censored content. This is very important for a freelancer as some job boards deny you access to their jobs due to your geographical location.

It is easier to be successful at your freelancing career when you have the best tools at your fingertips. To ensure you have the right tools, spend some time setting up and familiarizing yourself with the most suitable options for the kind of freelance work you do, and watch as your earnings grow.


Julie Hughes @TurnOnVPN

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