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What’s the typical price of a flyer?

As a professional designer, I would say, it depends on your budget and whas it for!


Your choices


There are templates that you can easily download and print out on the internet. Buts its good to remember the cheaper you go the more, the quality is missing


Why does quality matter?


It may not; if you’re all about getting your message out there, then I would suggest not spending your money on the design and spend the money on getting it printed and delivered.


So when is it essential to spend the time and money on a flyer?


When you’re market is competitive and you need to look like a better offer. A good brand boasts a good reputation.


Think of it from the side of the customer


They want a company or service, that’s not going to let them down. Who keepS to dates and contacts regularly. They may look for signs that the business is trustworthy. Such as the image, have they spent some time on this?


Here are some everyday things a customer will look for:


  • Have they got customer reviews?
  • What partners do they have?
  • What projects have they done before?
  • How long have they been around?


All of these pointers will get people to contact you.


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I hope this helps.


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price of flyer

price of flyer