Some businesses may think printed design work has had its day, and graphic designers should concentrate their efforts on social media – they would be wrong! I understand it’s all about your target audience and where they reside; getting this right means you will reap the rewards.

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WordPress is spot-on, as it’s open-source and free! I recommend choosing this platform as a solid base for your site. Beware of Wix, as it’s terrible for SEO and won’t get you on page one of Google. Read More>>

graphic & digital design


I have the expertise to create beautifully crafted design work, whether that brochures, murals, social media banners or website design. I use the industry standardised software in case you want to involve other freelancers of agencies.



I provide a monthly retainer scheme and quarterly scheme to help with your ongoing marketing needs.  I can also spend a discussed budget on online advertisements and provide quality reporting. Read More>>



Maybe you want to learn some hands-on experience, so you don’t have to ask me to update your website or change some content in your banners etc. Then I would recommend joining my six-month coaching session, where we spend some time learning the basics. To become a fully-fledged graphic and digital marketer. click here >>>

logo brand


It takes less than ten seconds for a consumer to decide whether to put your product in their basket. Get it right!

Your logo says everything about your business; make sure it’s not detrimental to your company. Click Here>>



I advise sitting with me and thrash out some truths about your brand image, the types of customers you have, and the ones you aspire to have. It is worth devising a plan before you start working with me and knowing who you’re trying to attract, what tone of voice and what design imagery to use. It will significantly improve your chances of getting more customers and learning your craft or product. Click Here>>>

video animation


Video or animation used on social media accounts creates more traction than written content.  Having your business on you-tube will provide a platform for your customers to get to know your brand and become loyal followers. I can provide support when creating this type of content and hire animators and influencers to support this area.



I’m very organised and will help you get the most out of our relationship by itemising all the small and large jobs in your invoices. I will also provide a daily email explaining what jobs are complete and what needs some assistance from you. In our industry, this is called a traffic list.



 I can support you in your content writing for your website, blogging, social media and brochures. We can also source freelancer writers together that have more of an understanding of your sector. You can look at me as an IT Manager if that helps you or a Technologist.