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SEO tips that you may not know.

I always like to talk to business owners, as if they have a certain amount of intelligence.

I’m betting, you have read up about keywords, and joined Google’s free business page.

But have you done that deep plunge and got into SEO intensely? Have you started to think like a pro in SEO?

I’ve written some SEO tips, that you may not have thought about, that may just help you:

1) When you put your business search keywords into Google, to check where your business is?

Did you know? Google uses Artificial intelligence to locate where you are based and then gives you a result that’s related to your location.

Because of this, it isn’t accurate when you want to research what your customers see when a keyword goes into a search engine.

What do I do to get a correct idea of where I am?

If you have a Google business page, then you have a Google account.

Now login into your Google account and go to the settings and the tab ‘locations’.

I’ve shown you what you’re looking on the image below.

Your browser may ask to switch this feature back on, but you need to say ‘no’ to this, at all times, in the future.


2) Another useful tip that may help you when researching what pages of your website are in the Google search engine. In other words, have passed the criteria that Google asks for a page.

Again, go to your Google account shown below. There is an icon called ‘webmaster tool’ or ‘Google search console’. You need to add all the variations of your website such as HTTP, HTTP and WWW.

Then leave it for a few days, as Google will then send spiders to mooch around your website and will give you some useful feedback about how many people are coming to your website and if any errors are causing problems. It will show you the correct way of finding where you are in Google.

webmaster tools

3) Quality backlinks.

You may have heard about putting links to your website on other website platforms and the fact you get brownie points from Google when it comes to your rankings.

If Google likes what you are doing, you will get pushed up Google. The more reputable the company your backlink website resides, the better you’re scored by Google. Such as having a link on or that’s top dollar! But obviously, this will cost you money.

So what do I do, if I cannot afford this?

You could start looking at your competitors and find out where they are advertising and copy them.

If you have noticed then sort out websites that are supporting your niche and try and get an article mentioned on their blog.

4) How do I fixing the errors that are shown in Google console and speeding up my website:

I recommend the following resources:

      • Plugin: 404 to 301 – Redirect, Log and Notify 404 Errors
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Helen Jones

SEO tips

SEO tips

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