PRICE: £250*

First Instalment: £100*  (Taken from the above price at the beginning of our project).

Terms & Conditions

I will provide an informative, attractive one-page WordPress website. It will also have a back-end where you can log in and easily update it – twenty-four seven. The design is using Adobe Photoshop by myself, and you will need to sign it off before moving to the development.

This price is for a straightforward design and layout; if you would like something more bespoke, we would need to look at my hourly rate on top of the price above, as this can take up more time, especially if another designer creates the design. I can also work on your content copywriting using my hourly rate for an hour.

WordPress Theme: I subscribe you to a WordPress theme that’s £60 annually. This will run out after a year where you will need to renew your subscription yourself:


(From my portfolio):


When buying a website package from me, you must understand that a WordPress website needs constant maintenance. With this in mind, I will be asking you about joining a monthly retainer scheme tailored to your budget. Find out more>>