Consultancy & Strategy Package

Price: £400*

First Instalment: £250*  (Taken from the above price at the beginning of our project).

*Terms & Conditions

What you get

You have three days that can be you coming in whenever you are free to have an ongoing discussion. We can bounce ideas together and get some strategies together for your brand. I can then create a presentation of your thoughts and get something written done that will help you.

Your brand image

Here you have some time to talk about your businesses brand image and whether it’s working for you. We will discuss the types of customers you have and who you are trying to attract. I will then give you some honest feedback regarding your presence online.


You may have been flat out for the past few years and need some support. It may mean discussing where you have found some good clients and whether it’s worth setting up some advertising campaigns for these customers. Or exploring new sectors and potential customers you think would be interested in your products or services.

Sometimes it’s just that clashing of heads that you need to bounce ideas and give you some energy and regain some focus.

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What do I need from you to get started?

Please email me as much information about your business as you can; the more I understand, the better a job I can do.