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Niche design or not to niche design?

Whenever I have a brand design project, the question of, whether to do the design as a niche or just use a generic fashionable feel.


When would a product or service step out from the safe generic look? Which essentially will attract more people, to something a little more creative, and may only appeal to a smaller audience?


By definition of the word, a niche is a subset of exchange. On which a particular product is found and is a highly specialised market segment.


 When to Niche


When can you explore other markets by fine-tuning your design work? With different photography, text, design elements, colours, and logo.


Niche marketing works when you know your market. You may already have a product or service that is doing well and is a success.



Possible ways of going about doing a niche


I’ve found that many companies will keep their main company image muted in look and style, which will appeal to the masses.


But when they want to explore a niche market, they will create a daughter company. That can have a more defined image, such as being a younger audience or a more mature audience.


By doing this, you can focus on that niche market wants and not bombard them with details they are un-interested in and will make you look like a weaker offer.


I hope that helps you guys.


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to niche design