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My first website, what do I do?


My first website, what to do? Well, when you start your site for the first time, you will find out there are various ways to go about doing this. I’ve written a few pointers in my blog, that will hopefully help.






1) Recommendations for hosting businesses



  • IONOS – If you’re going as cheap as possible, I would recommend I must warn you though it’s slow when you’re editing the back-end, and caching isn’t great. Also, it only gives you back up of your website going back for five days, and its support is none existent.
  • Siteground – is a little bit more in its price but I thoroughly recommend them, as you get no slowdown, when your editing the back end.  It also has a great backup system that goes back nine months. The support is one hundred per cent top-notch. To view Sitegrounds, details, click here.





2) Hosting

Once you have chosen your hosting provider, it’s a good idea to test your hosting provider support service. You can find some are very helpful when it comes to any technical questions and really will help you.


Suppose your hosting provider does help you. Getting one page up and running for your website is a good move. Trust me; this may not be what you are after – as in an all singing all dancing website. But it’s worth working slowly rather than rushing with someone like Wix. Please read why here>> click here >>





3) Looking to employ someone to make your website?



You should always check your potential website builders website and how it looks. It’s surprising how many web developers cannot even maintain their website. It says volumes.




4) Will you be the administrator?

Suppose you were thinking of doing anything extensive to your website. I would advise having a development version of your website.  It’s a copy of your website and has a password protected front-end.


Once you have worked on all the changes, away from prying eyes, you can then move that version to your online version up and running when your one hundred per cent happy.





I hope that helps!


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