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Marketing versus design – Why do you need both?

I can help you create a website and complimentary marketing collateral beautifully.


But I really must emphasise the need to having a clear business plan and an understanding of your market audience and where they reside.


To start your marketing research at the same time as your design work is not a good idea. It means you will always be ‘stabbing in the dark’ and second-guessing all the time.


For example; just think if you don’t know your potential customer’s age. You could find out your target audience are senior in age, and all your design work has small text that’s very hard to read.


Suppose you don’t spend the time writing a business plan and doing marketing research. Take it from me; you will end up tweaking your design work and marketing material constantly. As you learn more about your customers and you realise what you have done is wrong.


Your message needs to be punchy, attractive and speak clearly to you potential customers.

Throughout my career, the essence of marketing hasn’t changed:


1) Strong product/service proposition delivering real benefit
2) A clearly defined market
3) Planned, engaging communication to your potential market
4) Building awareness, understanding and confidence in your business


Get the planning and implementation right, and your market will buy from you.


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Helen Jones aka Elumin

Marketing versus design

Marketing versus design