Package design and branding services


What makes an excellent brand image?

Here are five rules for a successful brand image: simple, Memorable, Timeless, and versatile.

  • Simple –  A simple design makes it easier for a viewer to recognise
  • Memorable – A practical design should be striking. Looking at what successful companies are doing is a good starting point, as they would have spent a lot of time creating their designs.
  • Timeless – Effective packaging designs need to be timeless – that is, they will endure the ages. Fashions come and go, but elegance stays.
  • Versatile – Scalability is something you need to think about as you will see your product and its packaging all over the place, such as the internet, billboards, to apps on mobile phones. It needs to be able to work small or large.
  • Colour – Do not underestimate colour in your design. It has to have an attractive colour. The colour also needs to be able to print well and look good online.

What was the project brief?

CostMad is a small wholesale business in the Greater Manchester area. The following work was created as a Package Designer to unify all the products they were selling online on various e-commerce platforms.

We took inspiration from the Tesco brand as this was similar to how they wanted to pitch themselves. I also got involved in their social media channels and enjoyed getting involved in photography.

What do I need from you to get started?

I’ve found knowing who your competitors are is an excellent place to start when thinking about your brand image. Finding out who your target audience is and what appeals to them will significantly improve your brand image and content.

What software did you use?

I created the following package designs in Adobe Illustrator software; it’s always a good idea to make your packaging as a vector graphic. The printers need to get them to fit their templates precisely.