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Why do professionals with freelance coding skills use the PC rather than a Mac?

What I’ve seen while working full-time, if you’re aiming to be a graphic designer in an advertising agency, you are likely to be using a Mac. If you want to be involved in more marketing, programming and development, you will work on a PC. A website developer will aim to build a website for the largest audience. Therefore, they will aim to get their website working for PC users first, as they know more people own PCs. It’s probably a lot to do with the PC being cheaper than a Mac

What was the project brief?

I was required to “hit the ground running” and create printed advertisements and online digital graphics for the marketing campaigns.

What services did I provide?

  • Revamped design of their logo
  • Internal and external signage improvements
  • Newspaper and magazine adverts
  • Banners for the business website
  • HTML skills
  • Social media graphics