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What do marketers research when creating a brand?

1) Who is your target market and demographic?


  • – It’s beneficial to know the target demographic, such as understanding their age, sex, location.
  • – Who are your competitors, and how do they position themselves.
  • – How do you differ from your competitors? This bit of marketing research is worth doing before you start creating your marketing material’s content and design work. It will help give your communication style a more powerful message and help your business compete successfully in competitive marketing.

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How do you start your projects?

Logo design always seems to be the first place a business owner will start when branding their business for the first time. Often, they will have already collected up some ideas, which is an excellent place to start. It does make my job easier to listen to what they are after,  rather than coming up with various ideas, which can get confusing and overwhelming.

What services do I provide?

I’ve supported businesses to modernise existing brands and have also carved out completely new looks. Whether I help improve their brand image or work on their content creation, I will always involve my clients when working on a project and find getting help and support produces better results!